The self-defense tactical pen from ApeSurvival called the “Strikepen Black” gives you by far the best multi-functional, all-including pen from all the self-defense tactical pens for sale. To know more about Strikepen Black go through our review.


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strikepen Review

Strikepen Black Review

Many may have not heard of the Strikepen, but it should be on everyone’s radar. Strikepen is a protection tool that can be used in dire situations. On the outside, it looks like an ordinary pen. But, within, there is something much more than meets the eye. Being lightweight and small in size is just the beginning. Inside, the Strikepen hides tools that can save a life in times of need. At this time, the makers of Strikepen, Ape Survival, are giving this pen out to people for free. You heard right; the pen is free, as the company is trying to get the word out about this amazing product. Instead of a gun, the Strikepen is a great alternative for people needing a self-defense method.

what is Strikepen Black?

This is actually a pen or resembles a pen but it is a self-defense weapon. Their main characteristics are that they are light in weight that you can easily carry it in your purse or pocket It can easily fool anyone into thinking that it’s just a mere writing pen but for those who know if they know how helpful a strikepen can be, not only can it get you out of a tight spot but they can engage an enemy.General image

The original manufacturer of strikepen is Apesurvival. Ape survival is a company based in the states that specialize in producing weapons for personal defense.

How Does Strikepen Black Works?

The pen is made up of a milled alloy, making the pen strong and durable. Milled alloy ensures that a strikepen lasts for a very long time. It also removes the fear that it might break in the middle of an attack. No! It’s strong. Unlike other tactical weapons, strikepen are of one color-black. But they are still good looking in that color. Like all other tactical weapons, strikepen have a strong metal tip, which is the part used to strike an attacker The tips can break the glass. The strikepen tip is made of still, and considering how strong steel is, you know that it will do its job efficiently. As a pen, a strikepen can write better than other tactical pens but not efficient like a ballpoint. It uses ink, unlike other tactical pens which use special ink. The ink it uses is like for a normal ballpoint

Another astonishing feature is that ape survival added a led flashlight to this tactical pen. It is the only tactical pen with a led flashlight to light the flashlight it has batteries that last long In addition, it has a small knife and a multi-tool The knife is strong enough to handle some stress and is very sharp. And so is the multi-tool. The multi-tool consists of a knife, a bottle opener, a flat head driver and a HEX wrench. The strikepen comes with black cardboard which you will use it for shipping the weapon or if you use it on a day to day basis, the cardboard can store the components that you do not need at the moment All these features will give you the security that you need. All in a simple-looking pen

Features of Strikepen Black:

  • The strike pen is used for striking an attacker, even though you must know where to strike to be safe.
  • You can use a strikepen to write anything like a ballpoint.
  • If an escape path has a glass you can use the tip of the strikepen to smash the glass.
  • It can also help you collect the DNA of an attacker. Since it has a tip that you use to stab you have made contact with the assailant.
  • LED Flashlight – Having a flashlight on a pen might not seem like a big thing, but it actually is. With the Strikepen being a tactical, self-defense tool, there is no other product like it.
  • Instructions – Each Strikepen comes with a guide of instructions to help you harness all the features of this product. Take some time to read them carefully, so you are able to understand everything you need to know.

strikepen black

Pros & cons of Strikepen

  • Solid Alloy Construction.
  • Stainless and rustproof.
  • Functional Pen with ink included.
  • There are different attachments you can switch out.
  • Strikepen is lightweight in nature.
  • This is an inexpensive product that will save a life.
  • The pen feature will not wear down over time.
  • The product is a fantastic multi-use tool.
  • The multi-tool extension has a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver piece, knife, and HEX wrench.
  • An LED flashlight is bright and powerful.
  • You can’t find the Strikepen in stores (only online).
  • The pen does not work as well as it has been used for self-defense.


Ultimately, everyone should have a Strikepen to be ready for worst-case scenarios. It is a swift weapon when a need is, and it doubles as a multi-use tool that can be used every day of the week. It is the right product to buy, even though you don’t have to pay much at this point in the game. An attacker will not know what is coming at them, with this deceptive design. Everyone needs something to protect them, and the Strikepen is that answer. Be prepared with the Strikepen and order it today to give you peace of mind moving forward. You will be glad you did.

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