Journey Of Success

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Journey Of Success

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One of the most important steps to success in life is to recognize the importance of success for your personal life. The true meaning of success is much wider than the usual definitions of success. They have a lot of money, they are rich, they have many tangible and deserving titles. In contrast, the true success of life can not be assessed by the aforementioned factors, and the number of people who through their work can lead to a better and more advanced life. This is the importance of success. Not trophies that people collect in their lives. Media and society often suggest that a successful life is extremely rich and has many specific things. But success means living a happy life and making this world a better place for everyone. Another common denominator of true success is the ability to associate with your own spirituality. If we can think of ourselves as being small, being a much larger creature and we know that our Creator is a bit taller than us, we should make decisions that would benefit not only us, but also people. The only thing that distinguishes people from other animals is the ability to believe in something that we can see, touch or feel; He is faith in a higher being who is the ruler and creator of everything. Faith in a higher state means that we respect each other and are afraid of improper behavior. Sharing, helping each other and loving the future of our descendants more than our own lives are examples of how our spirituality helps us.

Way To Success

People always have to believe in something, otherwise they just refuse and never achieve their goals. Just look at the many people who were not with us for the first time.

Make plans

It is difficult to succeed if you do not plan to achieve your goal. You can start with something simple and then make great plans throughout your life. But it will be easier if you divide them into smaller parts.

Be hardworking

It’s hard to start. But later you will do it with pleasure. Only if you work hard, you will achieve the goal and succeed.

Do your favorite job

You are only happy with your work. If you do not like your job, ask yourself if you are satisfied. Because you will never succeed if you have this job.

Never give up

Do not be afraid of mistakes. You’ll find out because bad results are also the result. You may think that everything is fine for the first time, but it’s not right. Just believe in yourself and never give up.

Have the motivation

If you have strong motivation, you will achieve your goal and succeed. It all depends on you and your efforts.

Improve yourself

You must develop your own qualities and skills. It will help you get a lot of new information.

Change the circle of your friends

If you want to be successful, you have to be successful. There will be many of your friends who can say that it is very difficult because it is unrealistic and you will never achieve your goal without success. Do you need these friends?

Be in the good mood

It is very important to be happy all the time, because in this case you will have a lot of positive emotions and are ready to work and change your life.

Think about your health

It is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle because you will not be able to get sick if you fall ill. You need time to relax and forget about stress. You have to spend a lot of time with your friends, go to different places and eat only organic food.

Kill your jealousy

You should not compare yourself with other people because they are all different. You must be happy that other people are successful, but if you want to achieve the same level, you must work harder.

11  Live every day

You must live, because this day is your last day. You must have plenty of plans and time for your friends and family. Remember that it is better to do something later and regret it, or regret that you have not yet taken advantage of the opportunity in the future.

Be logical

You must plan your life and all your goals must be realistic. Everyone knows that you can not earn 1000 euros a day, but you can do it for life.

13  Be confident

You must trust life and think quickly. Do something before you do not have to think too much about it. You need to develop your brain to make decisions quickly. It helps you feel safe in difficult situations, because the brain gives you the opportunity to solve the problem immediately.

Find your style

You must do it yourself. Find your style and live with it. If you want, you can change it every time, but not just a copy of someone else.

Find the new goals


You do not have to stop when you reach the goal. Make lots of plans and set new goals. It makes your life very interesting and unusual. You feel like a successful person, and every new day opens up new opportunities for you. It depends on whether you succeed or not. Your life is only in your hands and only you can change it. It is not easy to live successfully, but it is possible. Just follow this clue and you will see that you have succeeded. But do not forget that the importance of success is different for all people. Maybe you have been successful and you do not have to change anything? If you are interested in the success of your personal philosophy, you will find this article here and we are glad that we can offer it to you.

Types of Success


The distinction between personal records (PR) is great, they do wonders of your self-esteem. You can stimulate the mood, look at the whole day and change the exercise program. Who does not want to publish video on social media that tells the world that you really have evidence of progress? PR shows all the results of the hard work you have done day by day. But what will happen if it’s the last day of the training cycle, and everyone around you seems to be a sandwich – increasing your weight more – and you still have the same weight as it was last time? one and a half year ago? Try and try, but you will not be able to keep up with PR. When it comes to improving crossfit sports, more attention is needed than just the highest weight or faster time. There are at least three success stories: PR, technology and consistency – and we should all celebrate.

PR’s :

add weight to the tape, increase the maximum number of tight strokes per minute, fro shorten your time. All these things are measurable and can be immediately recognized improvements. The numbers do not lie; As the weight increases, time is shortened and / or repeated, a measurable improvement is visible. Come to celebrate!

Technological development:

-You may have earned 160 pounds a month for not beating 141 pounds for eight months, but how did you look? In some PR it is not always a form of textbook. However, after months and months of training and exercises, muscle memory begins, and your lifts truly resemble recognizable Olympic lifts! Their butterfly pull-ups look like a real pull, not a flop in the fish version! This is a technique of improvement and it is also important if not more than reaching the new maximum number. No matter what kind of song you’ve been working with, using a good technique, you can become more efficient and compatible with one move. Better technology means more PR. It’s a treat!


It is very interesting to get the first to cleanse muscle mass or 300 pounds, but if you did it once and you still do not, then it’s almost a coincidence whether to wonder if it really happens in real life, or if you find it. Focus on your saved numbers and movements. Knowing that every time you go to the bar and clean 285 pounds, no matter when you can have a 50% conversion rate, the same weight a month ago is great! This is not PR 300, we try to replicate, but can rely on the coherence of competition, and these data also reflect the success of the training. It is important not only to focus on the maximum impact speed, but also on cohesion, which affects these other numbers, in addition to the maximum weight.

All three successes are closely related: technical improvements ensure consistency that causes PR; But improvement in one of these areas is a reason to celebrate. During training, it is important to enjoy the journey as a life and not just focus on the goal. Pay attention to the most important goals. If you look at the improvement and consistency of your technique, training and frustration training is still low. So you can see that you are advanced, even if the PR is not as fast as you want.

Step to success


In my last article, I talked about how to build a positive thinking process to achieve your goals. In this article, I want to connect with it and develop the idea that everyone will succeed if you focus your mind and energy on a positive mental opinion. Faith is not a beautiful mystical concept, only those who use faith. Those who say, “I think I can be successful,” let’s create a passion and find the skills and energy needed to achieve our goals. Have you noticed that if you think you can do something, you should do something mysterious?

What makes people different and happiness fails? Young people start creating new jobs every day. Many think, “Would not it be great to achieve something over the next year” and be successful and respect others. So what do you need for a few strokes and most fail? It’s very easy. Most of these people do not trust a higher level of business and a successful life. If someone believes that the highest point can be achieved, faith brings great things. This is very different from the average person who never believes that he can achieve anything

Strategies for Success


Find yourself as a thinker and student: when and where are you the most productive? Who takes you? Knowing your intellectual trends and habits, you can better manage your time and cooperate more productively.

Sit a personal goal on each course: instead of just a class, consider how each course deepen your knowledge in the area of interest or contribute to overall intellectual development. In other words, motivate yourself to master your skills and ideas instead of achieving a good level or avoiding bad grades.

Manage your time and attention: people who create comprehensive, targeted planning are more productive and less tense. If the schedule is planned, focus and stick firmly to external commitments (meetings with professors, group or ACE Fellows reading) and benefits (lunch with friends, watching TV, etc.) Take a moment while training in an upright position. Disable the distracters (from mobile phones, email address) and assign yourself one task. Always share or change your mind, and you will do more than just one thing.

Think about the professor: the instructors have reasons why they do the course the way they do. You spend some time passing through the courses for the following reasons. Ask yourself, for example, why you are reading this text, and this point in the semester, or what is the task writing is to help.

See your notes as soon as possible after the lesson: Students forget 50% of what they learn when they are not within 24 hours in written opinion, and 65% if they do not provide a weekly assessment. Even a short review pays off.

Perform a small task on the day of its release: It is best to prepare a plan or sketch. The project will start often showing that the most difficult part that begins to overcome this important obstacle, there is not enough time to develop your work.

Tell your friend serious ideas, concepts, problems or a fragment: Studies show that he has learned to learn one of the most effective methods. While trying to explain what you have learned to another person, send information from short-term memory to long-term memory and clearly understand what he understands and what he does not understand.

Ways to Achieve Better Success in Life


  • Increase your confidence by taking action.
  • Expand your definition of authenticity.
  • Improve your social skills.
  • Exercises aimed at delaying satisfaction.
  • Show passion and perseverance for long-term goals.
  • Turn on the “Developmental approach”.
  • Invest in your relationship.

Nature Of Success


From time to time, we can use inspiration to load and think about how everyone works, I think size-inspiring snacks can help throughout the day. If you do not have many days of an interview, or even a ten-minute meditation session, you can get inspired to remember the words and advice of others. The prices that have stayed with me are mainly related to people who have experienced things they have never experienced before or the people they are looking for. The thoughtful provocative lessons in this article come from different groups of different groups of people. If you do not know one of these guides, I hope you remember them and their work! They are really worth it.

Psychology Of Success

In life, we all receive another hand of disaster and blessing. Life in their contacts does not seem right, but I think we all have the right hand to learn lessons from our unique psychological and spiritual journey. In my practice, I see that many people go through life by walking and letting external forces determine their direction. In addition, we unconsciously reproduce everything we know until we choose something better. When we are open to the learning process, suffering has a great wisdom that leads us to enlightenment. One of the greatest gifts that I chose as a psychotherapist is the collective wisdom of my clients. It is a great honor to accompany them in overcoming the challenges of their lives, accepting their gifts and strengths and self-awareness. To succeed, we must wake up and be in our lives, focus on our main goal and lead. We must consciously choose a path that facilitates the awakening of our consciousness, both individually and collectively.

Key for Success

You will succeed if you have a positive attitude, believe in yourself, develop good habits, make the right decisions, set goals and goals, use your imagination and stay. The last of these seven keys is the most important here. Life is alive. Work according to your goals and dreams, and you will achieve professional success.


Success likes to prepare. If today would be a great opportunity, will you be ready? It’s better to be prepared and have no chance to be able to, but not be prepared. If you want to succeed, you must be ready when it comes to the chance. Take your time to prepare for success. When your chance arises, you’ll be glad you did it.


Everyone does not know that success is just a matter of success. You know that only one thing is in the right place at the right time. You really know that success is directly related to the fashion of a good state of mind. Those who succeed, but know that success is directly and proportionally related to work. Even a good strategy can not succeed. Zig Ziglar said: “The most practical, most beautiful and practical philosophy in the world will not work – if you do not, you have to invest time, but if you invest time, success is all the best.” “And doing what is impossible is why happiness is as sweet as honey,” said John H. Johnson: “… I think that the greater disability, the greater the triumphs”

Remember the Golden Rule

Never forget the golden rule: “Make others the way you want.” This is the key to success. Control your clients the way you want them to serve you. Get to know their needs so that you can adapt them to your needs. Give them the prices you want to pay and exceed their expectations so that you expect your expectations to be exceeded. If you follow the golden rule, you will open the door to success.


If you do not believe in your abilities, do not be afraid if no one else believes. Your negative thoughts about yourself send a signal around the world so that others will raise and react accordingly. When you broadcast the 108.7 Depression channel, others treat you as if you were depressed. However, if you believe in yourself and your potential, people will accept this signal and behave according to your beliefs. You think you’re dealing.


To succeed, you must be a great leader. Probably nothing is more difficult than a good leader. It is easy to be selfish, it is easy to cope only with needs, desires and desires. But to succeed, you must lead! You must do what is best for people. You must make the most of those who lead you. If you really manage, you will succeed.




Success is not a matter of luck, accidents or the right time in the right place. Happiness is as predictable as the rising sun in the east and west. By practicing the principles you have learned, you will find yourself in life. They have an amazing advantage over people who do not know or do not use these techniques and strategies. You have the advantage to win the rest of your life and career.

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